Print Work

Professional Haircare Ad Campaign

CLIENT NEED: The client had a great salon product of multiple shades of color depositing shampoos but the brand had become stagnant in sales and needed a fresh makeover. Above were two ad concepts announcing the rebranding and packaging. The client ultimately chose the right concept which fit perfectly with the brand’s future product extension plans. As the brand extensions were launched, the product pairing, or "Power Couple," could changed based on the upcoming launch.

DESIGN STRATEGY: The packaging already had a sleek new look so the graphics, model and layout need to be sophisticated and sharp. I created the concepts, wrote all the verbiage, and designed these ads. Along with the refreshed packaging which I also created, I developed a new logo for the brand and developed all forms of marketing over the brand’s 2 year launch.

Professional Haircare Products Brochure

CLIENT NEED: To promote the rebranding of the Watercolors Shampoo line, promotional deal sheets were needed to communicate the launch, when more products would be available and educational techniques on how to use the shampoos. 

DESIGN STRATEGY: I worked with marketing and sales to help create the product promotions and designed and wrote the bi-monthly deal sheets. I also worked with the education director to develop before and after shots and the steps-by-steps to complete various techniques using cross-promoted hair color products.

Baby Feeding Products Brochure

CLIENT NEED: Preparing for an industry trade show, Evenflo Feeding needed a brochure about their sippy cups. They had several new features to outline, from a special leak-proof valve system to the creative scene changing toddler cup.

DESIGN STRATEGY: With a lot of copy to work with, I created this bi-fold brochure, making sure to have clear headlines while featuring the product imagery front and center. Knowing the tips panel was very different information than the product features, I made sure to make this look different and easily detachable if mom wanted to keep it.

RS Creative&Design_The Cover of a home builder's promotional catalog

Home Builder Features Catalog

CLIENT NEED: With five new communities opening, M/I Homes in Cincinnati, Ohio needed a comprehensive piece to illustrate the features that voted them the best home builder in Cincinnati two years in a row.

DESIGN STRATEGY: With both technical specifications and beautiful pictures to showcase, I created special pull outs and other graphics to help communicate some of M/I Homes most value added features. The catalog was voted Best Corporate Brochure of the Year.

Natural Family Planning Organization Brochure

CLIENT NEED: Couple to Couple League, a Catholic natural family planning (NFP) teaching organization, needed a general brochure to inform couples about NFP. The challenge was to make this piece and it’s information interesting to today’s modern couples, engaging and quick to the point.

DESIGN STRATEGY: I advised to take the information and create more info graphic-like visuals to capture the audience’s interest. I used creative use of typography to help further outline key points and take-aways.