Packaging Work

Evenflo Feeding Trend Bottle Design

CLIENT NEED: Evenflo wanted some trend designs for their bottles and sippy cups. They were looking for a tangram design and knew they wanted one, unisex design that could communicate boy, girl or gender neutral just by changing the colors.

DESIGN STRATEGY: I designed this circular tangram swirl that pinpointed the color change requirement needed as well as gave the line a unique, graphical look. I extended the design onto everything from sippy cups, tethers and box packaging.

Professional Shampoo and Haircare Products

CLIENT NEED: This professional salon shampoo keeps client's hair color fresh and vivid. Inside the bottle, the product was a hit with stylists but sales had started to slip and the brand just wasn’t capturing new buyers. A major facelift was needed and with plans for potential line extensions, the design needed to be to be flexible.

DESIGN STRATEGY: Capitalizing on how the product could be customized based on the hair color and use frequency, I created the iconic logo which was adapted for each shampoo shade. The tall, sleek bottle with it’s warm silver metallic label stood apart on salon shelves while giving the brand the modern flare it needed.

I worked directly with production to narrow component options as their equipment had limitations on capping and bottle height. I chose a tall, slender bottle with a fitted cap for a no-shoulder look. Since there were 14 SKUs in the shampoo line, it was essential I use labeling decoration. I chose a flood of warm silver metallic and kept a tight handle on the variations in circle colors for each shampoo shade. Brand extensions meant adapting the circles and adding complimentary metallics to maintain consistency while keeping the graphic nature of the flagship product. I kept the no-shoulder look as well as the black and metallic coloring among the extension products.

The brand line now consists of shampoos, conditioners, root color sprays, hair color and support products and is in professional salons all across the U.S and Canada.

Professional Haircare Products

CLIENT NEED: The client wished to capture a younger audience of stylists as well as grow the company’s haircare and styling market share. I worked with R&D and marketing to help define the desired product line offering as well as to incorporate upcoming trends into the products. The line launched with 11 SKUs and then expanded with subsequent extensions as the brand grew and more products were needed.

PROJECT STRATEGY: I chose the packaging shapes, created the color scheme, designed the logo and bottle art as well as all of the sales, marketing and education pieces for the initial launch as well as all subsequent SKU launches. I worked with the marketing department to develop promotions, promotional items (second image above is a bag I designed for an introductory promotion) and industry advertising to promote the new brand. To date, it was the most successful launch the company has ever had.

Evenflo Feeding Bottle Gift Set

CLIENT NEED: A repackaging was underway for Evenflo's feeding line. With the direction to use the teal and orange as well as the orange wave graphic (at the top right), they needed a gift set for a special brand line of bottles.

DESIGN STRATEGY: With special call outs to identify features, a clean use of color and an efficient use of typography, the resulting design effectively communicates the dual-language message. Above is the final mock up of the gift set.

Professional Bright Haircolor Kit

CLIENT NEED: A new, super intense hair color was being developed and the client needed a complete brand look and style. 

DESIGN STRATEGY: At the time of this product launch, there were a few competitors that had similar darker colors (such as the Fuchsia and Teal). Because the client wanted to create a rainbow of color options for all occasions and styles, I maximized on the unlimited number of color options and branded the line with a stylized rainbow graphic. It was important that the branding not only capitalize on the "rainbow" style but also be fun with a bit of an edge. I came up with the brand name "Xtremers," created the logo, the full brand look and packaging as well as all marketing and education materials. I also organized and directed the photo shoots for the model photography.