Learn all the creative visuals you need to get your company looking legit! 

Free eBook - The Very Beginning of Creative

In this ebook, I start at the VERY beginning of the visual things you need to think about, research and start doing in order to jump into building your business brand!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Helps you identify your company’s who, why and what. Includes 2 pages of worksheets that help you outline your company mission as well as how visual likes and dislikes will play into those first creative branding pieces.
  • How to brainstorm and find clarity in choosing your company name. Shows you how to check if your name is already registered by another company.
  • How to start the process of developing a logo. Outlines what you should expect when working with a professional and a general price range for logo work.
  • Outlines how to begin writing your brand message as well as how to start putting your brand online. Shows examples of social media consistency and best practices when using your logo on your social profiles. 
  • Breaks down some of the essential print marketing pieces you might need, depending on if you’ll be operating your business primarily online or the more traditional way. Provides print vendor suggestions as well as what to include in your print pieces.