Branding Work

European Glass Ornament Logo

CLIENT NEED: A start-up, European style, hand-blown glass ornament company was seeking an elegant logo to start the full branding of their unique product line. They would be offering some traditional, Christmas-themed ornaments but also wanted to provide customers with uniquely designed, modern ornaments for home decor as well. Their product was to be produced through the authentic European glass process and they wanted their brand to reflect a sophisticated beauty that spoke to the traditions of the old-world.

DESIGN STRATEGY: Because the logo needed to be both modern and sophisticated but also needed to represent a European traditional style, I chose to mix a modern san-serif font with a more script-like font for the name. The owner's family history, traditions and the lead designer's style also needed to be illustrated through a natural, earth-inspired theme. The abstraction of the pinecone which also relays the visual shape of a Christmas tree was the perfect addition and solution for that need.

I am currently overseeing the development of their website and will be creating marketing materials, product packaging and trade show graphics for their company's launch at the 2019 Christmasworld show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Crafts and Hobby Shop Branding

CLIENT NEED: A small boutique store selling family board games and craft classes needed a logo and brand identity – in just 3 days! They were trying to open before Black Friday so the rush was on.

DESIGN STRATEGY: The client’s wish was for the logo to look a little retro and to elicit the idea of family fun without electronics. I created several logo variations more retro than the chosen mark but when they saw this one, they loved the almost "circus" feel to it. Along with the need for logo/brand identity creation, this client quickly needed simple marketing pieces to make the announcement and get the word out about their newly opened shop. Within just 5 days, a logo and brand was developed, tweaked and then extended to marketing pieces such as business cards and post cards.

Professional Color Shampoos Branding

CLIENT NEED: This professional salon shampoo keeps client's hair color fresh and vivid. Inside the bottle, the product was a hit with stylists but sales had started to slip and the brand just wasn’t capturing new buyers. A major facelift was needed and with plans for potential line extensions, the logo and overall brand style needed to be flexible.

DESIGN STRATEGY: Capitalizing on how the product could be customized based on the hair color and frequency of use, I created the iconic logo which I adapted slightly for each product extension. The line began with 14 color shampoos. For each shampoo shade, I used the "W" as the signature shampoo color with the six circles illustrating potential color customization based on how often a user shampooed with the product.

For line extensions such as conditioners, root concealer sprays and hair color lines, the "W" was always kept as the prominent shade indicator with the six circles communicating varying levels of color or saturation based on the product and frequency of use. This allowed the logo to remain consistent across all brand lines while still allowing for a customized look based on the product inside the bottle, which was the essence of the line.

Watercolor products are in professional salons all across the U.S and Canada. View the extensive packaging line under the Packaging portion of my site.

Educational Baking Studio Branding

CLIENT NEED: Plans were forming for a concept for an educational baking studio to teach a younger generation how to bake from scratch. So much knowledge had been lost with the quick-prep, ready-to-use store mixes and flexibility to buy from pop-up bakeries and grocery store shelves. Meanwhile, there was a full, excited demographic that wanted to bake for their families and "do it like Grandma did" but they didn't have the skill set to do so.

DESIGN STRATEGY: I guided the client to explore the foundation of where all baking starts, the batter. After much research and a web of words, terms and feelings, I came up with Batter Bowl Sweets as the studio name. I then developed the logo as well as all branding associated with the launch of the studio, including signage and retail products they would offer in their store. Plans are also in place for marketing and educational materials.

Pregnancy Spa Branding

CLIENT NEED: A unique spa servicing the special needs of pregnant women needed a brand face lift. Their personality had been lost in multiple design changes across many different branding materials and they needed a cohesive identity and guidance on how to portray who they were as a specialty spa.

DESIGN STRATEGY: After meeting with the director, staff and discovering what business changes had been made and their future goals, I presented logos based on the concept of growth, life and motherhood. Unlike many of their competitors, I didn't want the logo to represent the overused pregnant belly and opted for more "life" centered ideas. They responded well to the idea of life progression and chose the logo above left. Above right shows the final 3 options. Unfortunately, before the rebranding extended to much of their marketing materials, a relative of management got involved and developed the logo they now use.