When You Shouldn’t Hire A Designer

I know that’s a provocative headline, especially coming from a designer. Yes, I am a trained veteran of the graphic design industry for nearly 20 years and I’m espousing to not use a designer…sometimes. Don’t judge just yet. I promise, there is a message here and one that both designers and business professionals should hear and at least contemplate – for a moment anyway.

A Little Background, Please

First, let me explain from where I get this view point. I’m a firm believer that everyone can not be a designer. There are many creative people out there but to find the balance between art and beauty and how that relays into a communication piece of identity and message, is another ability all together.

Not everyone understands the simplicity and/or complexity that is Design. Many times they think they understand what a designer does and how they do it but as I’ve said many times to co-workers and friends, “what I do isn’t point-and-click-design.” Being a designer comes with some inherent skill that are buried deep into our DNA. School, experience and failures just help cultivate and grow it. There are projects that should ALWAYS be left to a trained or experienced designer. But, I do believe there are some projects that when given good direction, tips and a little basic knowledge can be successfully completed by a non-designer.

No Budget But Hey, You're Creative, Right?

My purpose for this blog is to share my experience with tips, techniques and a little guidance and maybe someday product offerings to those of you struggling to know where to start when your boss comes to you and asks you to throw together a flyer, presentation or brochure. Of course, there will probably be no budget to hire it out. And you’re the only marketing/creative person at your company, so why not you, right? 

I think I can help those of you in that position. I’ve mentored and educated many non-designers/creatives in my career and there is hope and success in your future. 😉 I can’t promise you’ll always be able to produce the best darned flyer about that great new service your company has to offer but I can help you make it look and act the part. I know you’re probably working with less and with the expectation to produce more. It downright sucks, doesn’t it? I’ve been there. And now, we can be there together. 😉 So get those questions together and post your little hearts out because I’m sure you’re not the only person who has that one burning question!

If you have questions or comments you’d like me to address, please feel free to comment below. I’ll try to answer any questions via the comment area or a future post.