I'm a thinker, I love to solve problems and I just about always have a smile on my face!


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Freelance Consultant and Designer

Jan 2015 - Present

RS Creative&Design
Creative Consulting, Brand and Packaging Design

Getting to this point where I get to choose what I do everyday isn't something I've always wished to do. Honestly, I had the typical reservations about going freelance — money, structure, workload, etc. But thankfully, I have a great network of clients from here in New York and all the way back to Cincinnati, Ohio where I originally started my career. The balance of work and life seems to have leveled out and I find myself with more drive and devotion to my client's creative problems, plus a little time for painting again! After all, I am inherently a problem solver and with extensive experience in taking something from start to finish, consulting with my clients about their needs and then delivering a solution is more in line with where I am now both personally and professionally.

Art Director

Sept 2005 - Dec 2014

Tressa, Inc.
Professional Manufacturer of Salon Haircare Products


A turning point in my career, I was able to get my hands into nearly everything at this position. Like most smaller companies, I directed, managed and created not only the print but the design and implementation of the packaging for 11 brand lines and hundreds of SKUs. This is where I feel in love with what it truly means to take something from "concept to completion." From working daily with R&D to creating and designing all those brand personalities and packaging to creating all forms of marketing and store signage, I was leading the development of every new brand from the ground up. Always looking for what was next, I jumped into creating and producing short product videos, of which the company still uses today. I worked everyday with the company owner who gave me ultimate flexibility in every creative area. For that, I'm very grateful to Miss Connie! ;)


Senior Graphic Designer

Aug 2004 - Sept 2005

Blue Sky Creative
Full-Service Marketing and Design Agency

I never really wanted to be a teacher when I was younger but the need to unite design, sales and production was a guiding force for me in this position. In the way of design, I created identities, marketing materials and signage for a wide variety of clientele but I noticed a disconnect between the design team and everyone else, including the client. The creative process and development of ideas is only inherent to those that work it everyday. The client wasn't getting the rich, meaningful communication about the creation of their projects and therefore, we weren't delivering the full team experience to the customer. With the owner's guidance, I developed and conducted creative training sessions to educate the sales team so they could better communicate the purpose and reasons behind the designs. After just a couple months, the company structure started to evolve from just sales people meeting with the client to a sales/design team approach, providing a necessary and valuable connection with the client.

Graphic Designer

Dec 2000 - Aug 2004

Kendle International (now INC Research)
In-House Marketing Department for a Clinical Research Organization


Being one of two designers working at a global research company allowed me to stretch my legs a bit and experiment with my designs, printing and video. For the first time in my young career I was working on industry ad campaigns, designing annual reports and collaborating with multi-media designers to create online demos and client presentations. Along with special community projects and multi-destination company meetings, I was exposed to many of the creative processes and design avenues I continued to further at future companies.


Graphic Designer

july 1998 - dec 2000

Strohmaier Design Group
Design Agency

I started my budding design career at a small agency working under the direction of a seasoned design professor. I was given a huge responsibility early on in conducting my first client presentation. I believe this trust and encouragement was the catapult for me to always want to be in direct conversations with the client. Surrounded by other great designers, I saw the value in good, functional design and will be forever grateful to Mr. Tom Strohmaier for his patience, wisdom, wit and further educating me with the practical world of design.